Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What I'm Doing Right Now

I'm working. I'm trying to write an article on a company. It was due late last week, but I've been having problems with finding a company to write about. My editor doesn't care that much; as long as he gets it around the time it's due, he's happy.

Here's the process:

Call company.
Interview someone for approximately 3-9 minutes.
Hang up.
Type out everything that person just said (thanks to my handy-dandy recorder).
Notice some pretty wool that I forgot about in a cabinet.
Take out the wool and unravel it.
Google patterns of stuff I could make with it.
Copy and paste article from last month to make sure it looks the same.
Decide that my blog readers would like to know what I do all day.
Promise them that I won't write about my entire day.
Write first sentence of article.
Erase first sentence of article and write again using different words.
Check to see if I've gotten any emails.
Take extreme interest in something I have no interest in.
Remember that I have no interest in that subject and turn back to article.
Write another sentence.
Notice Christmas wreath still hanging in living room even though everything else was taken down on Boxing Day.
Put wreath in basement.
Decide to get serious about getting this article written.
But first check emails again.
Write an entire paragraph.
Get up for a glass of Kool-Aid.
Notice fridge looks empty.
Make grocery shopping list.
Wonder why some people call a grocery store a supermarket.
Google it.
Notice with very little surprise that I'm not the first to ask that question.
Decide to write part of article in bullet points.
Wonder if this blog post should be written with bullet points.
Try it.
Decide against it.
Write two bullet points on article.
Blow dry my hair.
Notice the time.
Write 5 more bullet points on article.
Check word count.
Write the rest.
Check word count.
Write another paragraph.
Check word count.
Spell-check and make sure that the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level isn't too high.
It's a little high, but I'll assume my editor will dumb it down.
Send it to him.
Take great glee in crossing that off my list of things to get done.
Get ready for yoga.

And yet I'm always surprised to notice that it's after noon.


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