Wednesday, June 2, 2010

High School

This year marks my 20th year out of high school. High school is a distant memory, but lately I have been thinking about it a lot. I was at my parent's house on the weekend and we pulled up, from the depths of the basement, a box of notes (the kind passed between classes) and pictures from high school.

Things I've noticed now that I'm an adult:

1. It wasn't just me that was dramatic in high school. I often think back and shake my head when I consider how everything was either the greatest thing that could ever happen or the absolute end of the world. Reading all the notes has caused me to realize that it wasn't just me. All my friends were like this, and I can't help but notice, that the boys were the most dramatic out of everyone. There's a lot of angst in teenagedom; it couldn't be better timing for me to find these memories as my own kids take on this time in their own lives.

2. Man, I was a heartbreaker. I can't even begin to count the notes written from boys professing their love for me. A lot of them were boyfriends but some weren't. I had boys "waiting" for me. Waiting for me to break up with the current boyfriend so they could have a shot. it too late to tell them that I'm ready now?

3. Even then I was somewhat of a writer. I, obviously, don't have any of the notes that I gave to people, but most of the notes from others start with something along the lines of: "you're so good at writing back" and end with: "sorry this is so short; your notes are always so nice and long."

4. We really had some big-ass hair in the 80s. My god, some of the pictures can't even fit in all of the hair height.