Monday, January 23, 2012

My Weekend

  • On Friday night, I went to a movie called "Contraband." There was a lot of blowing up stuff and car chase scenes and stuff. Not a bad movie. Really enjoyed the theatre popcorn!

  • Came home and watched "Step Brothers" with Twin A, Twin B, and their floppy-haired friend.

  • Went to sleep.

  • Slept for 3 hours.

  • Woke up to a "call me" text.

  • Spent 8 hours at the hospital. Everything's fine.

  • Picked up floppy-haired friend at my house to go watch Twin A and Twin B play basketball. (It's worth noting that floppy-haired friend is such a part of the family that Twin A and Twin B left him in our house by himself.)

  • Watched basketball game through very tired eyes.

  • Came home and pretended to watch yet another movie with all the boys. Actually slept on the couch.

  • Went to bed early.

  • Slept for a very long time.

  • Went out for lunch. Twin A's burger was approximately 8 inches tall. It was ridiculous.

  • Went shopping. Bought suits, dress shirts, ties, casual linen pants, shoes.

  • Came home.

  • Watched TLC.

  • Went to bed.

You'll notice there's no yoga in there. I'm going tonight. I have five more days to lose as much weight as possible. Or I can use the five days to begin to accept that I'm actually ok with what I look like. I'll keep you posted.


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