Wednesday, January 18, 2012


My bathtub has been leaking for weeks. It's not so bad when the water is coming out of the faucet; I can't hear it. But when it's drip-drip-dripping from the shower head, it drives me crazy. So, I decided to do something about it. I googled "bathtub dripping" and learned that I need a new cartridge in the tap. I went to the hardware store, found the oldest person there, and asked him what that meant. I brought home my brand new cartridge, grabbed my tool kit from the basement, arranged my pants to resemble a real plumber, and set to work. I gashed my finger and said innapropriate words. I managed to take out the old cartridge, put in the new one, turn the main water line back on, and wash my hands (cause, icky!).

Then I turned the water on. Then I turned the water off.

And then I called my handyman.



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