Monday, January 16, 2012

Lesson in Life

After many months of enjoying the lack of snow and cold:

BFF: It's cold here now.

Lily Starlight: Here too...I've heard (I haven't gotten up yet). Twin A says it feels like -31 here. NOTE: that's Celsius in case there is any confusion.

BFF: Yikes! That's craziness.

Lily Starlight: I have no plans until yoga at 3; maybe it'll be warm and melt by then. Were you outside this morning?

BFF: Just a Tim Hortons run.
BFF: Today's my free, nothing pressing day.
BFF: My goal is Safeway.

Lily Starlight: That's a pretty lofty goal.

BFF: Goals should always be made measurable, manageable, and meaningful.

Lily Starlight: And do you think this is something you can actually accomplish? Even with the comfy-bed-and-new-tv-in-your-room thing going on?

BFF: It's the whole I-like-food thing.

Lily Starlight: It's easier to reach goals when the alternative is starvation.



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