Tuesday, January 24, 2012


In the last few days, I have:

1. Burned myself while teaching Twin A how to iron. I didn't even want to iron, but he needed a shirt for the next day so he asked me to teach him. And I'm the one that got burnt.

2. Tried to take my fingernail off with a screwdriver. That wasn't really my aim, but that's what happens when I pretend I'm a plumber.

3. Stabbed my finger with a knife. I was trying to open the boxes of laundry detergent that I won (yay!), and in my excitement, I stabbed myself.

4. Sweat keeps running into my ear at yoga and now my ear hurts. I don't know why it hurts; maybe it freezes from going from hot to really fricken cold as soon as I walk outside.

5. The skin on the bottom of my big toe is shredded. Also, don't know why this happens but I don't like it.

Geez. I'm a mess.


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