Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Temperature Check and Crocodiles

This is something we've been taking note of every day for the past couple of months. So, in case you were also curious...

It's nice here today: supposed to go up to +4 degrees Celsius.

In Galveston, Texas: 21 degrees Celsius

In Roatan, Honduras: 28 degrees Celsius

In Belize City, Belize: 28 degrees Celsius

In Cozumel, Mexico: 27 degrees Celsius


I had this conversation with my MFA (my favourite aunt) today:

Me: We're going kayaking through the jungle and we will see crocodiles (though they assure us that they are *juvenile* crocodiles)

MFA: I'd tell you to pack some "crocodile repellent" but I'm not sure there is such a thing.

Me: I have some bear spray that we bought in the summer; I wonder if I should bring that.

MFA: Probably not a good idea to bring bear spray on a plane. You might be mistaken for a terrorist.

Me: Good point. Well, if we're attacked by crocodiles, I will squirt some hand sanitizer in my hand and gently rub it on his eyeball. I'm sure that'll have the same effect.


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