Thursday, January 12, 2012

Letters to Mom

When the boys were younger, we used to play a game called "Letters to Mom." We used those notebooks that are half lined and half blank. I would write them a letter and draw a picture and then wait for their replies. I would ask questions like: Would you rather spend two weeks in DisneyWorld or test every video game that ever comes out? What is the definition of haberdasher? They would ask me questions like: Do you like cheese? Would you rather eat a worm or fall off a cliff with a truckload of pillows on the bottom? It was fun; it worked on their writing skills and gave us a way to communicate that didn't have to work itself around busy schedules.

For Christmas this year, Twin A grabbed a notebook, entitled it "Letters to Mom," wrote a letter, drew a picture (of a giraffe!...or a dinosaur), wrapped it up, and put it under the tree. Turns out homemade gifts really are the best.

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