Thursday, June 20, 2013

K is for Kick in the Ass

Summer is finally here. So far the weather hasn’t really participated in the summerish of it all but it can’t stay rainy and humid for months at a time, can it? Summer is marked by the boys being done school. And they’ve finished their last exams and they’re done. Grade 10 is over. Neither of them had their best year academically, but they both enjoyed the new school and neither one dreads going back after a couple of month’s rest.


This year they’re considering getting jobs. But the thing is that neither has ever applied for a job and they’re both a bit nervous to start the process. So they are considering and thinking about it and really mulling it over.


But today their mom said “Enough!” And I personally drove Twin B to the movie theatre and made him practice what he was going to say and told him that the manager will understand that he’s nervous and not think he’s a bumbling idiot and told him to get in there and just do it. Go ask for that application form. And he took a big breath. And he got out of the car. And you could tell as he was walking up to the entrance that his heart was beating a mile and minute. And he reached for the door and pulled. And it was locked. Dammit.


Turns out he can just apply online anyway. Which he will do later today.


As for Twin A: he’s a little tougher. Because he does need money; they have a vehicle after all. And besides paying for gas they also have to pay for where that vehicle takes them…to 7-Eleven for Slurpees, to McDonald’s for grease, to Dairy Queen for ice cream. But Twin A gets one month every year where he is not immersed in a sport. He goes and goes and goes all year and is not so sure about having to spend that one month going some more. But he’s decided if he can get a job that has a lot of flexibility then maybe he could commit to that. So he went on a fast food website to apply and it said something about a career at this fast food place and he gasped “I don’t want a career there!” That’s ok Twin A, you can just have a summer job there.


Soon I will have a couple of employed people living in this house. I hope it’s before my birthday.

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