Wednesday, June 12, 2013

E is for Emperor

Twin A was driving his bushy-haired friend around one evening going from party to party. The friend was in charge of texting me with their plans.


Him: We are at Dylan’s house.

Me: Thanks. Keep me updated.

Him: Yes ma’am


Later they go to Rachel’s and when it’s Twin A’s curfew, the bushy-haired friend texts to say:


Him: Twin A is dropping me back off at Dylan’s then heading home.

Me: Thanks pal. See you tomorrow.

Him: Yes ma’am.


Him: So we showed up and cops are at Dylan’s. Yikes! So your awesome son is driving me home.

Me: Okay. Then straight home please.

Him: Yes ma’am

Me: Stop “ma’aming” me. Geez.

Him: Yes my Liege.

Me: That’s better. Also “Your Majesty” works.

Him: What about Luscious Hummingbird of Beauty?

Me: I’m not usually a fan of birds, but I’ll make an exception in this case.



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