Friday, June 14, 2013

G is for Goals

Since the beginning of the month, I have accomplished a lot of stuff around here.


Twin B and I organized their books (this is the pile that goes to an inner city school library)


I’ve organized all of my yarn. I keep telling myself that I can’t buy more until this is all gone…until I see all the pretty yarn at the store and that resolution goes right out the window.


I organized these drawers. They now hold paper and unfinished knitting projects and pens and scrapbooking stuff. They held all that stuff before but in a less organized fashion.

I finished the Disneyland 2009 scrapbook. The problem with scrapbooking is that once I started displaying my pictures in that fashion, I couldn’t not do that. Unfortunately, I prefer doing other stuff now so the scrapbooking hardly ever gets done. You have to admit though, it looks nicer than a bunch of pictures in a box or uploading 473 pictures of your weekend trip to Saskatchewan on facebook. (Note: if you’re the kind of person that does this: please stop.)


I cleaned my tub. I hate cleaning my tub. It doesn’t get done often (don’t judge.)


And I recovered my old, ugly couch and made some cushions.


I hope I can find stuff to do for the second half of the month.

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