Thursday, June 13, 2013

F is for Fabric

I have this addiction to fabric where I can’t go into a store that sells it and not walk out with an armful of product. I have stacks and stacks of fabric waiting to be made into something. Often, though, buying it is much more fun than actually turning it into anything.


Today I am going to turn some fabric into pillow cases. It’ll be fun!


I, of course, will be making up my own pattern and whatnot because sometimes following the rules is boring.


Step 1 – Pick out thread to match my project and wind it through the machine. Forget how to thread the bobbin because it’s been a really long time since I’ve used my sewing machine despite the fact that it’s been sitting on the desk for at least two years. Try just doing it without thinking about it. It works. Phew.


Step 2 – Decide that I’d like stripes on my pillows. Start ripping the fabric into strips to sew together. Start sewing together. Realize I’ve sewed a wrong side to a right side instead of right sides together and take out all the stitches.

Step 3 – Sew a bunch more stripes together and iron the seams.


Step 4 – Sew the boring back side on. Realize that I have again sewn a right side to a wrong side. Take out all the stitches and try again.


Step 5 – Realize that I didn’t match up any of the tree branches on the stripey front side. Decide that I don’t really care.


Step 6 – Start sewing shit together in hopes that at some point this will look like a pillow. Make a few wrong stitches but somehow manage to make it look like a pillow cover anyway.


Step 7 – Stuff pillow in newly made case and wonder if I can get away with only having one pillow in the room because it took far too long (two hours!) to make. Leave all the fabric and paraphernalia out in hopes that it inspires me to make the other three.


Step 8 – Look up instructions to see if this could take less time if I followed someone else’s work.



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