Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day Infinity - Bathroom Renovation

You know how when you're doing a project and you reach that point where you don't want to do it anymore but it's not quite done and how this is ok if your knitting a scarf or writing a short story because you can just put it away and come back to it whenever you feel like it even if that's in a few years but not so ok when you're renovating a bathroom and if you don't actually get things done you could ruin your whole house? No? 

We had the vanity installed yesterday. It looks good but not exactly how I thought it should look. Apparently if you have Canadian taps and a German sink they don't fit as nicely as you'd think. I never considered any of this because shouldn't that shit just be standard? Anyway, the plumber did the best he could and it looks good and now I just have to screw the vanity to the wall (which I thought I wouldn't have to do but apparently that's important or whatever) and seal the sink onto the cabinet. 

I also have to hang the mirror. I spent an hour this morning painstakingly cutting a large piece of paper the exact size of my mirror. Then I drew dots where the screws would go because if they don't line up perfectly then that mirror will not be hung. I hung the paper on the wall and drilled some screws in over the dots. And then my mirror laughed and laughed and called me names. I repeated all the steps with another large piece of paper and this times the screws all hung in totally different places (like not even close to where they were the first time). I picked up the mirror and mushed it against the wall, like you do when you're trying to hang a mirror but you can't actually see where the screws are because you're the only one here and you don't have that second set of eyes which would be totally helpful at this point and you keep kind of dropping the heavy mirror on the new sink which turns the taps on. And then the mirror laughed and laughed and called me names so I punched it. 

And that's where the bathroom renovations are at. I was going to share a picture of the vanity but I think I'll just wait until it's all done so you can get the full effect. 


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