Sunday, April 6, 2014

Day 5 & 6 - Bathroom Renovation

The boys went off to the Big Mall all day so I was on my own. I was somewhat nervous to do the grouting as I've never done it before...but then how is that different from the whole project. So, I read the directions, I watched some YouTube videos and I did it! Grouting is very messy. Other than that, it's not difficult at all. Yay me!

On Day 6, we scraped off all the grout that stuck to the textured tiles. This was, by far, the most tedious part of the whole renovation.

And then we installed the toilet...with only one extra piece. I'm sure it's not an important piece.

I can really see the different personalities in my kids. Twin A doesn't hesitate. Tiles need to be stuck on the wall? Let's do this. A toilet needs to be installed? Let's get it done. Twin B makes up excuses and important things that Have To Be Done before starting anything in an attempt to either get either Twin A or myself to take care of it for him or decide that it's not that important. 

The boys were born a couple of months early. They lived in the hospital for six weeks before the doctor said we could take them home. Scariest day of my life. So I totally understand Twin B because that scary day I had to shower and clean the house and anything else I could think of before heading to the hospital and bringing them home. 

He's nervous we're going to screw something up and he's scared because he's never done this before and sometimes he's scared that someone's going to get hurt so he makes those excuses and does those things that Have To Be Done. 

Twin A jumps in and believes that it'll all turn out wonderful. And so far it has. 


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