Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day 4 - Bathroom Renovation

Tiles up!

We love it. It adds so much texture to the room. I was so excited about it that I wanted to see what the vanity would look like in there. Twin B and I unwrapped it and brought it in. Where we found out that it's four inches lower than our previous vanity. See that ugly yellow part? The part that is not painted and looks like wall that's never been painted and is really just untreated sheetrock? That part is showing above the vanity. 

Also notice that hole in the wall from a long-gone medicine cabinet. We tore our new mirror out of the box, Twin B spent a good hour destroying every box in the house in an effort to get out of whatever bathroom renovation-related project he was supposed to be doing, and we held up the new and funky mirror to the wall. Where we found that the hole is two inches longer than it. 

After my internal temper tantrum where I cursed ever thinking this was actually going well, I calmed down and thought of a solution. I tiled over it. So when the vanity is up it will have tile behind it. Luckily the vanity doesn't need to be attached to the wall. Crisis averted. Nice try God or the Universe or Jinx or Fate or whatever. Foiled again.  

Tomorrow I grout! 


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