Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer Wrap-Up

Well, I guess that's it then. Summer is over. The boys are back at school and I have the house to myself. And lists and lists of things that need to get done. Wheeeee!

It was a fun summer. But I accomplished very little. I'm ok with that though. Here's some highlights:

1. I got old.

2. We visited my parents at their new lake lot. It was nicer than I expected. We didn't stay overnight though. We learned our lesson last year on that long trip to Manitoba. There is little you can do to make a trailer comfortable if you're not in the main bedroom.

3. The boys started driving lessons. There is a classroom portion that they have to go to before they actually start driving. It ends up being 18 hours and Twin B especially was not interested in going. But then there were cute girls in their class, so...

4. And now they've started the actual lessons with that big "Student Driver" sign on top of the car. And they're expected to practice. On my car. With me in it. You need to be a pretty great actress to pretend you're not afraid for your life.

5. I had tea at the Empress with BFF. I don't like tea. But it was fun and the baby sandwiches were so very tasty. While in Victoria, I also found a bathing suit that didn't make me throw up when I put it on. Yay!

6. We pretended to be seals. Well, we didn't, but Twin B did. He was pretty good at it too. Probably he could become a professional.

7. We went to Fairmont with my aunt and cousins. My cousins are the same age as the boys so it was lots of fun. We climbed the hoodoos. Also we went shopping. And we went to the Salt Springs. And we whitewater rafted. And it is very different travelling with girls because we spent an awful lot of time standing in small boutiques waiting for them to try on every piece of clothing and listening to them squeal every time water got in the raft. 

8. I had a niece. She's pretty cute. I haven't seen her much and to be perfectly honest when I do see them I actually prefer to play with her brother. He's the fun one so far.

9. The boys' great-grandma died. She was 94. So we drove to Regina for her funeral. It was a lovely funeral.

10. Football season started. High school football this year. Twin B decided not to play. Twin A is playing many different positions. He's a running back (the guy the QB passes the ball to), he's a back up quarter back, he's some other things on offence and also plays a position on defense. He may also be the kicker unless they can find someone else to do it. And, if any of the running backs get hurt on the senior team, he'll be doing that too. That kid is crazy.

11. I went out for drinks with friends recently. A 28-year-old tried to pick me up. So that was nice.

12. This last week I've been so bored. But I was in that loop where there was only one week left of summer so I shouldn't do anything and really enjoy the fact that nothing needs to be done so I can look back at that week and think about how much I enjoyed it, but I didn't really enjoy it at all so maybe I can just try to remember how much I don't like being that bored. Also, we got some movie channels.


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