Thursday, September 6, 2012

Everyone Is Looking At Me

Yesterday, my Thursday-night friend took me for a mani-pedi using gift certificates she got on Groupon. (Yay!) The spa also housed a hair salon and an old man was sitting there waiting for a haircut. I walked in and he said: "You have the most beautiful figure (and then went on to explain that he didn't mean anything by that, it was just a compliment)." Thanks old man, that totally made my day.

Someone was looking at me.


Twin B and I are still running. We're up to 40 minutes now, so well on our way to 10k. Yay us!  He still claims that running is boring, but he does it with very little cajoling, so I think he might just be clinging to that thought so he won't have to admit that I'm right.

Yesterday, we had to go after school because he has to be at school so early on Wednesdays. We were running on a pathway behind some houses and there were flowers sticking out of some of the fences. So he picked me one, and *WORDS OF WISDOM AHEAD*

It doesn't matter how old your kid is, when he picks you a flower, you hang onto it and display it in your home.
So, I ran with a flower in my hand for about half an hour. Poor flower didn't last long with all the bouncing and sweat pouring onto it, but I hung onto it and threw it into a cup of water as soon as I walked in the door.
People watched me run by with my flower: the older ladies smiling wistfully and the teenagers looking confused.
Later, I showered and changed into some legging I haven't worn in a long while, threw on a sweatshirt, and went to pick up Twin A at football. I chatted with some parents, hung out in the parking lot, laughing and carrying on without a care in the world. Until later when I realized there was a giant hole in the crotchal area of my leggings and I wasn't wearing any underwear.
Please don't let anyone have been looking at me.


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