Monday, June 11, 2012


I love starting new projects. I love buying the supplies and planning out how it'll look in the end. I'm so excited to get started...and then this happens:

I started making this doll for my niece when she was born. The doll came with a carrying case that doubled as her bedroom and 5 sets of clothes. I thought I'd whip off a bunch of them so that when I needed a gift for a little girl I'd have something cool and special all ready to go. My niece is going into grade 7 this year, so probably she won't want this anymore.

We went to Disneyland for the boys twelfth birthday. I started working on a scrapbook as a way to keep all of our memories in one place. After many years of trying to keep up with chronological scrapbooking, I thought I might have more success with different books for sports, holidays, Christmas, and Halloween. To be fair, I do have most of the pictures organized; it's just the gluing them onto paper with stickers and fancy borders part that I haven't done.

These, one day, will be purses and bags and change purses and clutches. What you're not seeing is the seven other unfinished projects. They're all knit, just not sewn together.

One of several pairs of mittens not yet sewn together.

The most embarrassing unfinished project of all. My aunt bought this for me to do so she could hang it in her home. She bought this long before the boys were born. And it's beautiful. It's sideways here, but it's a man and woman walking on the beach. How, though, does it take one person over 15 years to finish a project?

Just so you know: this is barely scratching the surface of unfinished projects I haven't accomplished. I like to think that one day I will finish all of these things or maybe some magic elves will steal their way into my house at night and do it for me, except maybe not at night cause I'd hear them and not be able to sleep and have to get up and make them tea or something cause I'd feel guilty that they were doing my work for free except I don't drink tea and I don't have any teabags or anything so then I could only offer them water with maybe some Crystal Light or whatever but probably they only like the pink lemonade kind and I just ran out of that so I might as well finish those projects myself if they're going to be that picky. Geez.



  1. Dibs on the change purse/clutch/bag with the blue daisys. no hurry, but I do turn 40 in like 383 days.