Monday, October 24, 2011

Why We've Been Friends Forever

I have a friend that I've known since grade one. That is over 30 years. And sometimes we talk all the time and sometimes months will go by, but we've always been friends. I think this is why:

Background:[Sister of Skipper] had a baby the night before. There were complications and she ended up having a c-section.

Skipper: I have to pay my bills. [Husband] is in Indiana and I don't know where we keep the flashlight.

Me: You could use the money you save on bills to buy a new one. That's easier and you get to go shopping.

Skipper: Yeah, but [Husband]'s still not here. I'd have to take the kids shopping with me.

Me: Well, it's not like [Sister]'s doing anything; I'm sure she'll watch them.

Skipper: Maybe I'll just drop them off at the hospital. She's just sitting on her ass anyway.

Me: Exactly! Now you're thinking. If you want *I* can help you out...I'm great at going shopping.

Skipper: Hmmm if I don't pay the mortgage, we can really have some fun.

Me: Woohoo! Maybe we could go shopping in Vegas...or Beverly Hills.

Skipper: Where do you think we live? Our mortgage payment might only buy us lunch there.

Me: Sorry. I got carried away.

Skipper: I bet we could buy a few cheap drinks at a convenience store somewhere near Beverly Hills.

Me: In Hollywood maybe?

Skipper: Ok. When do we leave? Since [Sister] is available, I can be ready in five minutes.

Me: Done!



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