Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Again?

You know that feeling when you feel like you're hurtling through time and space without any control? Where you have great plans to get so much done but then suddenly it's mid-October and you realize that the list is getting longer and longer and nothing is getting crossed off? No? Yeah, me neither...

Random Friday Thoughts from the brain of [Lily Starlight]:

1. We went to Awards Night at the school last night. The boys both got honours. Yay boys! They, however, both feel that going to Awards Night is a waste of time if they are just getting the one thing. I suggested they work harder to get more awards. But seriously, who thinks getting only one award is a waste of time? "Let's just skip the trip to Stockholm; it's not like I'm getting all five."

2. Occasionally when I'm out of ideas for what random thoughts I have, I check out a website called Every week it posts five questions that you can answer. This week asks: What non-food items are in your freezer? Like every mother of boys, there is a frozen snowball from about seven years ago in there. The thought was that he was going to save it until July and then totally shock his brother. Maybe that'll still happen. Although, getting hit with a frozen ball of ice is probably going to make him more angry than surprised.

3. At one of the schools that I sub for, they have a class for younger kids with problems (speech, slight autism, behavioural, etc.) This class gets them ready for Kindergarten. Yesterday, one little boy called me over really close like he thought this should be a private conversation; he said, "Teacher, you have spots all over you." I laughed and said "Sweetheart, those are called freckles. Lots and lots of people have them." He replied, with real concern in his eyes, "I think you're turning into a monster with sprinkles."

4. I hate questions that start with: What's your favourite _____? What is it about a certain thing that you can choose a favourite? Take colours, for instance. How can one have a favourite colour? I like to wear dark colours, paint my house in pastels, and accessorize both with bright and shiny. I like the happy look of bright yellow, but I wouldn't be caught dead wearing it. I like writing with purple ink, but I wouldn't want my car to be that colour. And how about food. I love salmon, but I'm not going to finish off a Mexican dinner with creamed salmon on toast. I love chocolate, but I'm not going to sit down with a large bowl of chocolate chips instead of popcorn in the evening.

5. Some other things that have made our awesome list: touchdowns, waking up and realizing you have a couple more hours before you have to get up, the smell of coffee grounds, children with English accents, and naps in the sun.

Happy Friday!


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  1. I love the smell of coffee grounds too. I also love that the coffee pot beeping alerting me it is finished brewing has become my 745am alarm clock.
    Honors? God, could those boys be any more awesome?