Monday, October 17, 2011

My Weekend (in point form)

Friday night: Those boys played the final regular season football game of the year. We are now in playoffs. My life will not look any different. We will still practice every night and there will be games on the weekend.

Saturday afternoon: Those boys played their second basketball game of the season. It was an exciting game that had the other people winning, then us winning, then them, then us, etc. We came in second in the game.

Saturday evening: I actually went out. The football club had a fundraiser pub night and as much as I hate to go to these places alone, I ended up being in charge of one of the "stations" so I had to go whether I wanted to or not. It's good being in charge of stuff. It gives me something to do. Plus it makes me actually talk to people rather than sitting in a corner trying to be as small and unnoticeable as possible. And when my job was over and all the tickets had been sold, I had a couple of glasses of wine.

Sunday (all day): I stayed in bed. Did I mention the couple of glasses of wine?

Today: I know Monday is not part of the weekend. But I went out this morning and now I'm walking around with stroke mouth because of the dentist sticking needles in my mouth. I don't like it and it makes me cranky.

Oh, here's something that's actually interesting though. I may have made a new friend. I don't make friends easily; it's a tough thing to do from the comfort of my living room and public places usually see me hiding in the corner, so this is big news. She's a football mommy and she makes me laugh. Yay!


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