Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Five

I've been trying all morning (well, since I got up a couple of hours ago) to try to fix that video link. It's obviously not working. I recommend copying and pasting, but now that I've spent so much time talking it up it probably won't be that interesting. I call it the "Forrest Gump Effect." Remember when that movie first came out? People could not say enough good things about it. Unfortunately, there was no way for it to live up to all the hype...not that it's not a good movie, but when expectations are so high, there is just no way to win.

And now on to the main event:

1. Old people often complain about what the world is coming to. In "their" day children had manners, and life was simpler, and nobody ever got murdered, and everybody was always nice to everyone else. Sounds boring (well, not the murdered part--that actually sounds good). Many, many years ago, X and I were driving with our friend Ratboy to the mountains to meet his girlfriend and camp for a couple of days (you can tell how long ago this story was by the fact that I agreed to go camping). Ratboy went into a gas station bathroom and came out giggling. Apparently there had been a whiteboard in the bathroom and someone had written "Hello. From OK Falls." Very nice...except under that it said "Hello. From my ass." Which quickly spiraled into "Fuck you." I can tell you that "Hi from my ass" became a favourite saying that lasted a very long time.

2. You know those people who say "morning is my favourite time of day"? I like morning too. When it's quiet here and I can get lots done and it's quiet outside and I can go for a peaceful morning run, but the thing is...I also really like to sleep. And I love staying in bed when I get a chance and reading my book and napping. But mostly I like doing what I feel like doing when I feel like doing it. I'm not going to force myself to get up...I have the whole day to get stuff done.

3. I just took my kids for a haircut. Twin A got it all cut off. His lovely locks that he's had for about six years...gone! But, you know what? He's still a good-looking kid (if I do say so myself).

4. I have an app on my phone called StumbleUpon. Basically, you give the app a list of your interests and it sends you a whole bunch of websites that you might be interested in. One of my interests is crafting (surprise!) and soon you will see a bunch of pictures of things made of t-shirts and mason jars. Trust me; it's worth waiting for.

5. There is a city three hours south of here that I've come to loathe. This city has stolen two of my bridesmaids (including BFF), my former boss whom I loved to hang out with, and most recently, Malison and her boyfriend. Stupid thieving southern city!



  1. Please move south.

  2. Yes pretty please? There are lovely crafts here.