Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Miss You

Day 30: a picture of someone you miss.

Do you know what this means? This means it only took me three months to finish a 30 day challenge. Yay me! Could you imagine if I was in charge of something time-sensitive? Like a bomb was about to go off and I happened to know how to diffuse bombs, so I'd work on it for a couple of minutes, then check facebook and do some laundry leaving the bomb to countdown 10-9-8.... Do I get around to diffusing the bomb? Hard to say. I'm pretty good at hitting deadlines, but on the other hand, since I've started writing this post, I've also flipped the pages on three different calendars (not all in the same room), collected linen for a load of laundry, emailed a friend, and brushed my teeth.
I miss a lot of people. People that have moved away. People that have died. People that I didn't even know but wish I did because they sound like someone I would have gotten along with really well. People that I still know but they've changed (or I have) and we don't have the same relationship that we once did. People that I used to see every day but now only see once in a blue moon. People that I used to hang out with and now only keep in touch through chain emails that I don't agree with and refuse to sign and send on. And I miss you. We should do lunch.


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