Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm boooooored

It's Spring Break!

Unfortunately, with all the outside-the-house work I've been doing lately, I've fallen a bit behind on my writing work. I have a few different projects due in the next month and so instead of spending Spring Break in my bed with a stack of books, I have to think and stuff. My life is so hard.

But the boys, oh the boys. While their break from school should be filled with fun and frivolity and watching tv in their pajamas and throwing lacrosse balls around in my living room, they've instead been banished to the basement where I can't hear them and most importantly, the people I'm interviewing over the phone can't hear them.

And instead of jaunting off to Jasper or even spending every day doing something fun around town, they're forced to make their own fun wherever they are and whatever they're doing.

I've read so many strategies over the years on what to do when your child says "I'm bored." I remember saying and feeling that every Spring Break and summer vacation when I was young. I have ideas and procedures to put into motion as soon as I hear those words. I am ready!

But, in the entire 14 years of existence, I don't think I've ever heard either one of them claim to be bored. Somehow I managed to have the kind of resourceful kids that find something to do. Maybe it's because they have each other, maybe it's because we have 320 different video game consoles, maybe it's because no matter where they are there's always a ball or a piece of paper to make an airplane out of or cardboard box or a piece of string...there's always something to play with.

So, while I sit here with the guilt of not being able to take them to a distant place, while I work on projects that should have been done before now and ignore those boys completely, they play in the basement like happy little puppies not knowing how devistatingly bored they should be.


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