Saturday, March 5, 2011


I'm visiting bff this weekend. It's not a special occasion or anything. I mean, it is special that I get to see her, because she doesn't live in my city so our visits in person are rare and only happen about six times a year, but it's not like a birthday or wedding or anything. But that did not stop her from buying a cake. And not a Safeway cake, but a Crave Cupcake Cake and it is the richest, most delicious cake ever. The kind that's so good that we want to eat it constantly, but every time we do, we have these horrible sugar rushes and then become headache-y and lethargic. And then we swear that we'll have smaller pieces next time, but in a few hours we forget because it's so yummy that we just want more and then we eat it and go through the sugar rush, headache-y, lethargic pattern again.

But the best part is, besides the four layers of chocolate-y goodness, that rather than just buy the cake plain, she had the bakers write Happy Birthday [Lily Starlight] on it, because heaven forbid people should know that we were just eating an entire cake because we both really like cake. My birthday is in July; even for me the celebration might be starting a little early. Just kidding; it's never too early to start celebrating my birthday.

Thanks bff!


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