Tuesday, March 15, 2011

UPDATED: It'll Provide Anecdotes

I start a new job today. I'll be working as an educational assistant. My first job is this afternoon.

Update: I followed a teenager around all day. He was not so much interested in getting to know me so he walked about 10 feet ahead of me whenever we moved classes. I watched him play badminton, then sat in Science (learned about Yazoo mud in Mississippi and why they can't have basements), and then sat in Math (learned nothing because it all just goes over my head).
I also supervised some little kids at recess. One boy comes running up to me: "I keep asking Nathan to play a game nicely with me and he just keeps yelling 'Potty'." Leaving me to wonder, is it that potty humour is something Nathan has heard of but doesn't understand what it is? I picture Nathan as an fat, bald middle-age man hanging out around the water cooler at the insurance office he works at yelling "Potty" every time someone asks him a question. Poor Nathan; it's going to be a hard life.


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