Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Not Anne Geddes

Day 29: a picture that can always make you smile.

A couple of days ago I was ironing one of Twin B's new shirts. I happened to read the tag (which I tried to take a picture of but it's too small). It says "dirty laundry keeps women busy." I gasped, horrified that any piece of clothing could be this sexist. Then I considered the irony (ha! iron-y) of the situation and it made me laugh (which I understand is not the same as smiling, but on my way to laughing I paused at smiling, so I think it still works for the subject matter).
In the shower this morning, I accidentally grabbed the conditioner instead of the shampoo. I noticed after trying to work it into a lather in my hair. Noticing my mistake, I then added shampoo to the mix. But then I freaked out because a hairdresser once told me that you should never use a 2-in-1 shampoo because the shampoo opens your hair follicles and a conditioner closes them and you don't want to get conditioner into your open follicles...or something like that. I pretty much stopped listening after she said not to use a 2-in-1 cause when a hairdresser tells you something hair related you should probably listen. Anyway, I'm trying not to move my head too much right now because I'm pretty sure my hair is going to fall out.
I remember when conditioner first came out and it was called "cream rinse." (I can't find anything on when cream rinse came out so I might be wrong about it just being invented, but nonetheless, my mom discovered it in the late '70s.) Anyway, we used Unicure and it had a picture of a family running in a field on it. I wonder why. It's kind of like selling cookies with a picture of a Venus flytrap on it as far as the making sense portion of the ad is concerned.
I have to go grocery shopping this afternoon. I don't have to buy conditioner OR cream rinse but that would have been a nice transitional sentence to this paragraph. I also have to go wash my car and I thought while I was there I might take my furnace filter to clean it. The problem is: I'm not sure how long you can keep a filter out of the furnace. My knowledge of furnaces and their filters is limited to the furnace guy coming to my house every year and telling me that I need to vacuum the filter often and maybe take it to the car wash to deep clean it occasionally. But what if, while I'm gone, the furnace grabs air from wherever-the-furnace-gets-hot-air-from and that air is filled with dead animal parts and glitter that, while usually caught by the filter, are now suddenly sprayed throughout the house? So do I make two trips? That seems like a lot of work. Probably I'll just go get some groceries and then come home and eat whatever treat I decided I deserved for leaving the house in the first place.


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