Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Orphans, Dogs, Teenagers, and OCD

Day 26: a picture of something that means a lot to you.

Psssst...guess what? I'm bored of this picture of the day game. However, such is my OCD that I can't stop until I reach 30. I can't leave it unfinished. I have a friend that has the same problem. We once became addicted to playing Free Cell on the computer. The games were generated randomly, but they were numbered so that if you didn't finish a game or you wanted to try it again in fewer moves, you could go back to that same game. We started at 1 and couldn't move on until we'd beat it. We made it to three-hundred and some. In order. Over a period of months. And then we found something else to do (raise our children, maybe?). The really odd thing is that I can never play Free Cell again because I can't remember what number we were on and I lost the spreadsheet we made where we kept track of it.


Tomorrow is the twins' birthday. They will be 14. I am old enough to have children who can drive a car (with a responsible adult), shave, and watch "The Family Guy." This seems rather unbelievable.


A picture of something that means a lot to me? I feel like this should be really profound. Like I should have a picture of a young African child that I sponsor or an animal I saved from certain death at the pound. I also feel like if I have a picture of my collection of notecards or a picture from a holiday I take every year with my bff, you'll consider me shallow...especially after mentioning the orphan/dog thing.


Today is a big cleaning, laundry, calling people, emailing others, grocery shopping, birthday shopping, seeing baby, basketball game, yoga day. I'm not sure how I'm going to fit everything in there, but it all needs to be done. Good thing the boys had an early basketball practice today, forcing me to get up early. It's only eight o'clock and already I've cleaned a couple of rooms and done some laundry. I predict a large crash in the early afternoon.


A pricture of something that means a lot to me?

That big ball of burning gas in the sky. Right now that means everything. Because without it I am a big ball of anxiety, unhappiness, and stress.

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  1. ha,ha...I had forgotten about those FreeCell days but you know what...I don't play anymore either and that is probably why I stopped too:)