Monday, February 6, 2012

Sea Days

So many times during every day I'd think: this should be my facebook status. But with internet being a whopping $.65/minute and the fact it would take about 10 minutes to decide it had ever heard of facebook in the first place, I saved all my updates to blog about instead. You are welcome!

[Lily Starlight] was concerned when she saw the sea of grey hair and leisure suits.

Before you can get on the ship, you have to check in. There is a long line up of people wanting to check in, and as the boys and I were standing in that line we couldn't help but notice how OLD everyone seemed. We began to wonder if, perhaps, we had chosen the wrong cruise line.

[Lily Starlight] experienced her very first ever flash mob.

On the first night, there was a welcome show in the ship's theatre. Before the show started, a couple of people in the audience started dancing...then a couple more and a couple more until there was about 30 people. It was the coolest thing ever.

[Lily Starlight]'s boys ditched her and have yet to be seen.

As expected, the boys disappeared the second we settled in. On the ship, there were a lot of teen activities and I was not invited. That's ok; I found other stuff to do.

[Lily Starlight] learned how to fold napkins.

I also worked out, got my manicure fixed, rested, read my book, watched tv, watched a juggler, went to a parade, napped, ate, and solved a Murder Mystery.


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