Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Food Addiction

I have a secret. I've been hiding food and eating it secretly.

I got this box of chocolates from a friend for Valentine's day. When the boys were small I could just hide food out of reach and they'd never even think to look for it. But now they are scavengers and will eat anything and everything and if they can't find something they like they go searching for it. But they won't eat it if they know it's mine and it's not open (if it's open, it appears to them to be fair game).

So, I carefully removed the ribbon and cut three sides of the wrapping paper on the bottom.

Then, occasionally, when I'm in the mood for a chocolate or two, I remove the top, refer to the map and make my choice. When I'm done, I meticulously replace the top and slide the ribbon back on to make it appear unopened once more.

When I've finished all the chocolates I like, I'll open it for real and let them eat the rest. That's fair.

So yes. I have a food addiction. In that I like to eat it before it disappears into the cavernous pits that Twin A and Twin B have become.


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