Friday, December 3, 2010

15 things

My cousins are doing some sort of 30-day challenge on facebook. I have no idea what it is or where they found it, but I thought I would shamelessly steal it for my own use.

Day 1 appears to be 15 random facts (and we all know how much I love lists...and random facts) and a picture of myself.

1. This picture was taken at my brother's wedding. I was dancing with him. Despite my hurt feelings of late, he's my brother and I love him. He's a wonderful person and I know that he is there when I need him and that one day we will be close again.

2. I purposely picked a picture that was dark and hard to see.

3. I like how my arm looks in this picture. It looks tanned and toned.

4. I had a job interview in June. I drove back from a function in Calgary, hadn't been home yet, and was not feeling my finest when I met with the interviewer. It didn't go well. Actually, it was really awkward. Today, six months later, I emailed the interviewer and asked for another chance. I hope it works out; I'd be perfect for this job.

5. When I go to a bookstore, I cannot leave there with only one book.

6. Same with any store that sells yarn (except with balls of yarn, not books. Obviously).

7. My very favourite blogs are The Bloggess and Dooce. And I also really like Notes From the Trenches. These ladies are hilarious and they often make my day.

8. I love getting mail. I have two friends that are very good about sending me mail through Canada Post. Thanks girls.

9. I'm really proud of my kids. They are only beginners at being teenagers, and I may look back on this sentence some day and sadly shake my head, but for now they are really awesome.

10. I went out with my former coworkers for lunch. I miss those people. They can be counted on 100 per cent of the time to get my sense of humour.

11. I love Disney animated movies. I didn't like Lilo and Stitch at all though. Not even a little.

12. My favourite number is 12.

13. I have a problem with starting projects but not finishing them. I have a lot of mostly done sweaters, mittens, purses, scrapbooks, cross-stitches, writing projects, and various miscellanious projects having to do with my damned living room. I need to dedicate time to unfinished projects; perhaps I'll start a club.

14. As much as I love to read, I've only been involved with one book club. It was a club dedicated to reading books from our childhoods. We read Are You There God, It's Me, Margaret. It was a fun club, but it ended because most of the other participants are teachers and summer ended so they all went back to school and had better things to do.

15. I don't think seeing my name in print will ever get old. Every time I see a new magazine with my byline I squeal a little.


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