Monday, November 22, 2010


I feel whiny today. So far (and keep in mind it's still pretty early in the morning) everything is bugging me.

1. My parent's dog. She is a bad houseguest. I ask her to please sleep at the bottom of the bed on the other side (it's a king-sized bed; there's plenty of room), but she insists on sleeping right by me. Also, she is far to small to be outside in this weather. That means that she is supposed to go to the bathroom on these pads. She insists on missing, sometimes by about 15 feet. And then she barks and barks and barks every time I come back into the house and it's so high-pitched that I think my ears are going to fall off. Don't get me wrong, she's cute and she's a nice dog, but I just would like if she were a better guest in my house. I also think I might be allergic to her, and having her sleep so closely to me is not helping.

2. My driveway. It's not going to shovel itself, but it seems that other members of my household have noticed that if they wait long enough that it will. Ten minutes here and ten minutes there would have it done in no time, but they dawdle so much that all of a sudden it's time to go to school or dinnertime or bedtime. I often think they work way harder at dawdling, putting huge amounts of time and effort in, that it would take less work just to go shovel.

3. Censorship. I censor myself when writing so as not to hurt anyone's feelings or give too much of myself away. Everywhere I write I'm so careful: I'd write a book but what if a character swears or has sex and my dad reads it. I'd blog about more stuff but what if [insert one of the very few reader's names here] thinks I'm talking about her. (Not you though. Promise.) And private information? Feggedaboudit. What I share is so watered down that sometimes I don't even bother...hence the months of silence on this blog. And honestly, how interesting is it to read about nothing, because that's really all I have left once I'm done with the censorship.

Wow. I'm in a mood. I should stop before I get myself in trouble. Have a lovely day friends.


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  1. Ok, so write your blog in the spirit of Seinfeld. A blog about nothing and your thoughts on the nothingness. I'd read that. (I think the snow shovelling bit is a perfect example.) Oh, and you can whine all you want. Feel your feelings! Just try not to do too much irreversible damage.

    - Sugarplum