Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I missed posting on Thanksgiving, so I thought I would pretend that I celebrate American Thanksgiving with a list (because this is obviously a blog of lists) of things that I'm thankful for. Things besides my family and friends because those are too obvious and I'd just be writing a bunch of cliches and that's boring.

1. The sunshine on my bed--at some point during the day, depending on the season, the sun sleeps directly on my bed. It's warm and bright and happy.

2. My dad's new-found car-attitude--in 1983, my dad bought a brand new Volvo. It was his baby and if you even looked at it wrong, you got in trouble. He owned this car for 20 years. Neither my brother and I ever drove it (until brother bought it off dad, but even then the pressure was too high to keep it in tip-top condition and so it was sold again a couple of months later). Anyway, my dad retired from his career and needed to purchase a work vehicle for his new job (don't even get me started on what has happened to this vehicle--gah). All that history to say that recently he got a brand new truck. It's red; it's huge; that's all I know about it. The other day when my mom and dad came to pick up their dog from my house I was out. I came home when they were here and my dad's brand new truck was in my driveway, but running, so I moved it. And when I got out of the huge red truck, I misjudged how huge the truck really is and fell out while simultaneously pushing the door into the side of my stucco house. It removed the paint from part of the edge of the door. It crossed my mind that I should probably flee the country, but instead I went inside to see if I would still be considered "daughter." You guys, he totally waved it off like it was nothing.

3. Yoga pants--I'm not gonna lie. I rarely wear anything else anymore. I feel like maybe I'm becoming a candidate for What Not To Wear (this in addition to Hoarders; is it possible I watch too much TLC). They're just so comfy and warm and comfy.

4. My country--it's politically stable and there are no poisonous bugs.

5. My house--besides keeping me warm and dry, I have the kind of house that my friends can walk into and totally ignore me while going about doing their own things. As I write this I have a friend sitting at my kitchen table filling out a job application. People feel welcome here, my friends, my kid's friends. It's nice that people can come here, because honestly, I sure don't want to go out there.


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