Monday, March 31, 2014

Hi! If you skip the "Where the hell have you been since last July," I'll skip the lame excuses. Deal? Great. 

It's Spring Break in stupid, snowy, cold Stupidville. And instead of relocating ourselves to a lovely, warm climate, I decided the three of us should renovate the bathroom. 

We have renovated this bathroom once before. X lived here then so it was probably about 15 years ago. We went for the cheapest vanity. It's not horrible looking but the sink part is made of some unscrubbable material and I've despised it forever. The toilet (I'll try to put this nicely) is a shit show. Seriously. It's got an elongated bowl but the water comes in from the sides, so there's like a...shelf in the middle of the bowl that doesn't get flushed. There are teenage boys living here with some questionable diets. It's pretty gross. 

The ceiling is textured. Yep. Textured. We scraped all the stipply ceiling stuff off and painted it with a fancy paintbrush that paints two colours and textures at the same time. It was beautiful...15 years ago. 

Obviously, it's time for an update. 


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