Tuesday, July 16, 2013

R is for Really Ridiculously Spoiled

I enjoy my birthday. I like the presents and the weeks-long celebration. There are people that believe that birthdays are for children or they don’t like so much attention centred upon them. I am not one of these people. I love the multiple birthday lunches and funny and thoughtful cards and whatnot.


It started a few days before my birthday when a mysterious package showed up on my doorstep. I opened it the minute I got it in the door…even though it wasn’t even my birthday yet. I’m a birthday rebel. The package was from Sugarplum; she sent me a box of sunshine. I actually squealed when I pulled back the tissue paper.


BFF came north to take her mom to Les Mis so I got to see her for lunch one day. She took me out for lunch at a very cool New Orleans style diner and bought me a very thoughtful card. Sometimes BFF will send me mail: she’ll go out and handpick a card from a specialty store, take the time to address it, and take it personally to the post office. She could spend hours driving all over town just to send me mail. But I know better than to expect flowery or informative correspondence. Often there’ll be a drawing of a guy smoking a cigarette (that’s all she knows how to draw) or just a simple “hi.” I know what she means though.

This is my birthday card from BFF. It is not written in or even taken out of the protective plastic wrapper…but I know what she means. That girl makes me giggle more than most people.


Another friend took me out for dinner one night. I could spend every waking minute with this friend: we have a lot in common and have a history together that’s pretty interesting (there's a good chance she'll be a blog post sometime). I stumbled away from the dinner with a belly full of amazing food and wine, a heart full of encouragement and understanding, and a pocket full of gift card for Anthropologie!

The rest of the week was filled with more lunches and gifts. I was taken out for lunch with some really good football-mommy friends; Thursday-night-friend brought me a new book and a treat from DQ; I was just all around really ridiculously spoiled.


And I got a pretty and new laptop.

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