Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday Five

I might be a little behind on the Friday Fives.

1. My friend, Melisa got married this weekend. Congratulations Melisa and Sleeve! It was a beautiful wedding; I'm so very happy for you both. Also, happy birthday.

2. July Awesomes: A rookie making your ice cream cone at McDonald's. Marble Slab. Twisted Yogurt. The smell of cherry Kool-Aid powder. Summer. Grocery Day. Reaching the itchy spot on your back.

3. There was a lacrosse tournament this weekend. Five games in three days. Twin A got the Heart & Hustle award for one of those. I don't want to brag (Yes I do; my kids rock), but Twin A has never walked out of a tournament without at least one Heart & Hustle. Last year, his coaches actually asked the other teams to choose someone else.

4. Twin B is at basketball camp this week. He complained about how it's seven straight hours of basketball with only a 15-minute lunch break. So far though, he's obviously loving it. He hasn't stopped talking about it and the people he knows there and all the drills they're doing and the pick up games. I love it when he's excited about something.

5. There was a lady at one of the lacrosse games this weekend that was an over-clapper. It was really odd. It was like everyone clapped for an extended period of time and then she would clap five more times. And it was like a loud, slow clap. At the end when they got their medals, she clapped for every single kid anywhere between 10 and 19 times (we counted because we thought she might be OCD and have to clap a certain amount of times but then realized that she clapped longer for the goons and less for the smaller kids). Seriously, try clapping 19 times in a loud, slow clap. Doesn't that seem excessive?


  1. Thanks for the shout out!
    I just tried clapping 19 loud, slow claps and my palms were sore after the first 19. (Note: I am i the privacy of my own house...could you imagine that at work or in the middle of a public library.) That lady must have calloused hands.