Monday, April 2, 2012

Some Stuff I Did

Spring Break is over.

Some stuff I did that kept me from Lily Starlighting:

- I caught up on my reading. My goal was to read more than 47 books this year. I just finished number 16.

- X's cousin came to visit. 'member how I said she was the best guest ever? I may have been a little premature on saying that. Not that she's horrible. Cause she's not. She's really nice. But she's a the point that people in my household may have taken to hiding in their rooms with their doors closed.

- I signed up for a 30-day challenge at the yoga studio. That started yesterday. I've gone twice. I'm 6.7% done.

- I managed to get all my work done even though the boys were home for a week. Because I am a rock star!

- I celebrated my brother's 41st birthday. He's an old guy!

- Also it was Sugarplum's birthday. I won't say how old she is, but she's younger than me by quite a bit.

- I went to a dinner theatre. I made my debut on stage as a female floor hockey player. I was not asked back. Surprising.

- I went to a movie with the boys, X's girlfriend, and her son. We saw "Hunger Games." The boys were nervous to see those other people but it was fine and relaxed so that was a relief.

- I got a pedicure at the school where people learn how to give pedicures. It wasn't the best pedicure I've ever had; it's already flaking, but I like the friend I went with and I never get to spend enough time with her, so that was cool.

That's pretty much it. We can now go back to our regularly scheduled programming.


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