Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Obviously, by "return to our regularly scheduled program" I meant I would write whenever I damn well please, not every day like I had been. Just kidding. I'm trying; I really am.

Anyway, today I'm at a local high school working in the library. It is one of my very favourite places to be, so I took the day off writing work so I could be here.

The thing about this library is, though, that there are two levels. And, yes, of course, there's an elevator, but it's inconvenient to use so I just use the stairs. The twenty-four stairs that take me from one level to the other.

Did I mention, by chance, that I'm doing a 30-day yoga challenge? And while I realize that I've only done three days, my thighs feel like maybe it's been a little longer. And every stair adds one more day to that. And I have to go up and down these stairs pretty often.



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