Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Rarely do I want something so badly that I'm willing to fight for it...or even try that hard to get it.

I'd like to lose at least 20 pounds, but not enough to stop eating Easter chocolate and those damn cookies my mom keeps making and sending over for the boys.

I'd like to have more money, but not enough that I'm willing to get a full-time, out of the house job and deal with the politics of an office all day long or even enough to look for freelance work rather than just let it fall in my lap.

I'd like for the boys to have their own laptops, but not enough that I want to research all that technological gobbly-de-gook in order to find ones that are perfect for their needs, both now and all through high school.

But, for this one thing: I am fighting. I am calling people and emailing them and making myself a pain in the ass. I am using logic to convince them and when that doesn't work, I am using emotion.

My kids are only allowed to go to the school that they're designated to. The problem being, they've always wanted to go to the other high school. Always. Their dad went there, I went there, most of their extended family went there. It's where they always assumed they'd go. But now the school board says "NO." And I know it doesn't seem like something to fight for, really, what difference does it make? They're both good schools.

The difference is that my kids want this! And with the other disappointments that they've had in the last year, maybe it's this one tiny thing that I can get for them.



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