Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Three Wishes

If I had three wishes and could only use them on myself (because otherwise I'd totally waste them on the boys) and they had to be totally shallow and fun and couldn't be a cliche (money, different body, vacation, house, vehicle, dream job) what would they be?

1. I would wish for the magical power of being transported to anywhere without having to drive there. Like for instance, I'm out of this black raspberry vanilla triple moisture body cream from Bath & Body Works that Malison gave me for my birthday. I really, really like it and want some more. But I really, really don't want to drive to Bath & Body Works to get it. If I had this magical power: *POOF* I'd be back by now.

2. I wish I could eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and could still maintain a healthy body. Some days I would eat chocolate and candy and ice cream and some days I would eat nothing at all...kind of like I do now. The important part of this wish is the "maintain a healthy body" part obviously. Oh, how I would love to be getting away with this rather than spending hours a day planning when to start the diet.

3. And my third and final wish would be: the ability to draw. Drawing is hard. I can never get down on paper what I'm picturing in my head. I used to work at a Greek restaurant. One day, the other waiter and I were bored. We decided to have a drawing contest (which was dumb because he's actually an artist). I drew a castle with a princess hanging out the window and a dragon (which may not have looked exactly like a dragon) flying around. He And it took 3 minutes and it looked exactly like me. He told me my drawing was *pause* whimsical. That was his nice way of saying "stick with waitressing."

What would your three wishes be?


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