Friday, September 16, 2011

It's Friday

Two weeks in a row! This is getting to be a habit. Soon y'all will start expecting stuff from me. I apologize in advance for disappointing you in the future. But for now, my Friday Five...

1. Last weekend, we had basketball tryouts on Saturday night for a couple of hours. I sat and watched. Then we had a football game on Sunday afternoon for a few hours which I also sat and watched. And to complete the weekend, more basketball tryouts on Sunday night, which (say it with me) I sat and watched. The boys were tired and sore. We use a product called Japanese Mint Oil. It works like any other topical sore-muscle reliever except you get it at the health food store. My house has smelled minty for most of the week. I actually considered putting it on my bum from the soreness of sitting on uncomfortable bleachers for hours and hours.

2. I go out for lunch by myself a lot. Usually to the same places where I order the same things. As a former waitress I know that when you have a regular customer and don't know that person's name, you tend to call them by what they order. That means that certain people call me the Bento-B-no-wasabi-lady or chicken-and-shrimp-no-veg or Cashew-Nut-Gai-Ding. If I was a friendlier person, I'd introduce myself. The unfortunate part of all of this is, of course, that if there is someone new taking my order, I will often forget what it is that I have. And then I end up with wasabi or vegetables and that just wrecks my whole entire meal.

3. There's this weird phenomenon that happens when you're a single woman. Many of your friends think you should date every single man they come across. Do I appear to be desperate? That guy you just pointed out weighs approximately 400 pounds, and has two fat kids (leading me to believe that the entire family has a lot of unhealthy habits). That other guy smokes and rides a motorbike. Yet another is looking for a Christian girl. I'm good. I'll find the perfect man when I'm ready, and please continue to keep looking for me, but remember I have standards and deal-breakers. I won't settle just because he's single.

4. I have become addicted to Storage Wars. It's fascinating to watch people turn garbage into profit. I watched one guy the other day bid on a locker because he saw a bag of jeans. Apparently, old Levis are quite sought after. He made a 600 dollar profit.

5. My favourite animal is the giraffe. I'm really not an animal person; I can't see me ever having a pet. We bought fish once. We had a fish tank that looked like a big bubblegum dispenser. It was really cute, but the fish were making it dirty and smelly. I may have cleaned it a little too well and not one of the four fish lived through the day. They were replaced with glass fish. Dogs, cats, rodents, turtles, birds, and any other pet-like creatures require far too much work and attention (plus they smell and I already own two sweaty teenagers). Giraffes are just interesting to look at.

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