Monday, September 26, 2011


I missed my Friday Fives. Oh well, there's always next Friday.

As I'm sure you're all aware, just when you settle down into a nice little calm and relaxing life *BOOM*

Seriously, I was getting bored. I was starting to nap in the afternoons. One day I actually crawled back into bed after the boys left for school. Like, unmade my bed and crawled right back in. Then suddenly:

1. I am dealing with some kid stuff which I will tell you about another time if it all works out the way I'm hoping that it will.

2. I will be working as a Teacher's Aid most of this week and possibly most of next.

3. I am doing a favour for a friend and editing three papers she has written for school.

4. I am rewriting a whole bunch of marketing material for a mid-size business.

Add in school stuff, football stuff, basketball started...

And that is my excuse for missing Friday.

Also, here is a picture of Twin A. I know it looks like those 3 silver-helmeted guys are in the midst of tackling him to the ground, but what's actually happening is that he's pulling them along with him. That kid works hard to be the amazing person he is.

Update: After writing this I got an email from my editor. I now have a twice monthly assignment for him to do too. I may need an umbrella soon.


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