Friday, February 1, 2013

Suburban Mouse Goes to Mexico

This was the lobby of my resort.

I swam with dolphins. I wasn't sure about doing that, but if you know me at all, you know that I'm all about showing my kids how to be brave and trying new things. So, I swam with the dolphins. It wasn't horrible. The dolphins were nice people and I think we got along well. I did that thing where they push on my feet and I fly through the water. And I learned how hard dolphins' noses are, cause my feet hurt after that. I got a cramp in my foot as I was swimming back to where my people were, so I was hanging on to my foot, which made it somewhat hard to swim with just the one foot and one arm. Luckily, I've had some training in funny swims. I had a friend with a pool when I was young and we made up a lot of different ways to get across a pool. My favourite was the monster swim where we'd hold hands. It was kind of like a three-legged race only with arms and in water.

I watched my little cousin get married. It was a beautiful wedding. It would have been beautiful even if the bride was ugly (she's not) or the groom had two heads (he doesn't) because they got married on the beach and that is a beautiful background. Except there was this large, weird, shirtless man wandering around the beach taking pictures of the wedding. So that was a little creepy.

I went on a catamaran and swam with the fishes. That last sentence might sound a little mobster-ish but I really did swim with fish; I wasn't dead or anything. The catamaran trip was about three hours total but at least half of that was spent snorkelling in different locations.

I exercised. My favourite cousin has a new goal where she's decided that she'd like to run a marathon on every continent. She is currently training to run the China Wall. So I woke up at 6am and went for a run or worked out in the gym a few times. For some reason, I enjoy running on holidays a lot more than I enjoy running at home. Twin A told me the other day that the difference in weather between here and there was 72 degrees (Celsius). Perhaps that's why I'd rather run there.

Anyway, those are the highlights. I also spent a lot of time by the pool drinking fun alcoholic concoctions and visiting with family members that I don't see often. And, when I was tired of people, I did this:

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