Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Today is November. Here are some things that surprise me today:

1. It is not yet snowing here. I know I'm totally jinxing it by saying that, but it ALWAYS snows by Halloween.

2. I have yet to eat any of the Halloween candy. I know my kids are getting old (some might say too old)to be out trick-or-treating, but I disagree. If they're willing to get dressed up, schlep from house to house, and bring home butt-loads of candy, I'm all for it.

3. I went downstairs to grab some food out of the freezer, the laundry room is a mess, and I got pissed off. I have teenagers; the house is going to get messy. I know this, yet sometimes I really just want them to clean up after themselves. And they do, mostly, but sometimes they're in a hurry or have friends over or just feel too lazy. I went into my laundry room to find:

  • paint flecks from Twin B's costume all over the floor

  • the hat--Twin B wanted the hat that his dad used to wear all the time in the winter so he got it from X's fiance but decided it smelled like smoke and wanted it cleaned, so he put it in the laundry room--on top of *my* clean clothes.

  • debris from Twin A and his friends feeding frenzy between coming home from school and going out trick-or-treating.

  • Twin A's drying clothes hanging where mine were hanging, while my clean, dry clothes are now thrown over the smoky hat.

    Happy November. As much as I don't want it to snow, I'm really looking forward to 2011 being over.


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