Monday, July 25, 2011


I have this friend; her name is Sugarplum Flittering Flower. I met her in college and we clicked the moment we met. I have never in my life met anyone who loves paper as much as I do. She's also the kind of person who gives you gifts for absolutely no reason, remembers every date that's important to you and finds a way to celebrate it, and makes sure to stay in touch no matter how busy her life gets. She recently lost 170 pounds. And even though she treats that like it's no big deal and it's not good enough, it IS a big deal and I find her very inspirational. She also never, ever, ever can take a compliment. (I can imagine her cringing as she reads this. Stop that!)

One day, many years ago, she got bored and put our name through a bunch of name generators. Her very British name is Margaret Wilson; my gay name is Sparkle Bartender. Her fairy name is Sugarplum Flittering Flower (obviously!) and my hippie name is Lily Starlight. The funniest: my nickname is Skittles; hers is Slutface.

She has never called me anything but Lily from that point on. Thanks for the alias Sugarplum.

Sugarplum is marrying her sweetheart of 10 years next week. I was honoured to be invited to the dress fitting last week. She looks beautiful. She looks like the dancing ballerina in my jewellery box. I can't wait to see the whole looks with hair and makeup. And I will get to see it, because I've been invited to go to Vegas to check it out.

Congratulations Sugarplum and Bear. See you in Vegas.


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