Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fodder, Marks, Orange Peels and Trust Issues

Sometimes I don't post for a long time because I have too much going on in my "real" life that I just can't share with the internet and sometimes I don't post for a long time because I only have snippets of things to share but not one coherent thought. This is really a mixture of the two. So help yourself to some snippets of thoughts:

1. The other day, I was at my local Edo (my second favourite lunch-alone place), and I looked up from my book to see a young man that I often see walking down my street. The boys and I notice this kid because he always seems to be on our street and he reminds us of an older version of another kid we know, only, like, gay. And we don't really care that he's gay (if in fact he is because none of us have ever actually talked to him or seen him with anyone else so we don't really know). Anyway, this kid had a laptop on his table and he seemed to be reading and writing something and I started to wonder, "Am I blog fodder?" Is that kid writing about this strange woman with the two teenage boys on his blog? And what exactly is he writing about me anyway. It might not even be flattering. Well, so what if it isn't. I just outed him to the whole internet. Mwah-ha-ha-ha. I totally win. Suck it older, gay version of that other kid we know.

2. School's over for the year. The boys did good. I sometimes think I'm too hard on them because I demand that they get good, honour roll-type marks. But I'm not demanding something they can't achieve. I believe in my kids; I believe that they are smart and athletic and funny and wonderful, so why shouldn't I expect them to be all those things. They can never say that I didn't believe they could achieve greatness.

3. School's over for the year. I just cleaned my house yesterday. Already there are pots left on the stove, crumbs on the cutting board, and popcorn on the carpet. I never want to be one of those mothers that complain about cleaning up after their families. I don't want to whine about how everyone else makes a mess but doesn't clean it up. I always try to remember that just because I need for everything to be in its place doesn't mean that everyone else does, and the last thing I want to do is pass one more tiny bit of OCD down to my children, so I try to stay patient and calm and not notice that he's walked around that basket on the stairs three different times but has yet to take it down the stairs to the laundry room, and I try not to mind that the orange peel has been sitting there for a couple of hours, because I know that if I ask them to do stuff, they totally will, it's just that they...didn't notice.

4. Awhile ago I wrote an article for a magazine. I had to call a source who happens to also be a doctor and when I finished the ROUGH copy of the article I sent it to her to make sure the information was correct. She sent it back marked. I mean, she didn't give me a grade or anything but she changed wording, punctuation, grammar. It was ridiculous. But that's ok because, really, I never have to talk to her again. Fast forward to today, I just got a new assignment. Guess who my source is? Here's the thing: she doesn't think I'm a good writer (obviously) so how can she trust me to write the story and why would she give me the information I want if I'm just going to mess it up? Do I mention last time or do I pretend I'm someone totally different? I have an hour to figure it out. This'll be fun.

That's all. That's all I have to say.


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