Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Week 3

Last week didn't go as well as I hoped. I hoped to come out of Week 2 thinking "Wow! I am amazing. More people should be like me." Instead I came out thinking "Wow! I'm really not that great. I should never pay so much attention to my thoughts ever again." And as for the forgiving X thing. Uh...that didn't go so well either. But I tried and that was the whole point, right?

Plus, I hurt my back AGAIN and missed a couple of days of yoga. That really sucked too. I was so very frustrated. The whole reason I started doing yoga in the first place was to stretch out my IT band so I could run. To not be able to do either made me feel like the Universe wants me to be a slug. Ugh.

Saw the doctor yesterday. He says I should go ahead and do yoga; it's probably helping. I like that so I'm going to keep trying to go every day. This morning I was there at 630.

The other challenge of Week 3 is to be green. I feel a small gesture of greeness every day should suffice. I already recycle, use canvas shopping bags for groceries, and have pretty short showers and I don't see me ever being the type of person to re-use toilet paper, so something small will have to do.

Yesterday, I took the luncheon meat out of the original packaging and grabbed a zip-lock baggie. I stopped myself, put the baggie back and got a reusable container. It seems silly, but I was kind of proud of myself.


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