Friday, April 15, 2011

Good day...

I am trying very hard not to let life's little stresses get me down today. I don't want to whine. So, in honour of my goal this week of thinking positive things about myself, here is a list of five things that make me great:

1. I'm punctual...more often than not.
2. I'm not hideous...people don't cower in fear when they see me; that's a good sign.
3. I'm raising nice, well-rounded children...despite the phone call home from the principal yesterday.
4. I sometimes stand up for I did yesterday (it had nothing to do with the phone call home from the principal but something that didn't involve the kids at all).
5. I can come up with some pretty good reasons why I'm great even when I'm feeling guilty and sad and lonely.

Yay me!


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