Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I did it! I quit. Only five more working days until I start my new life.

I quit while one of my coworkers was on holidays. Those of us left at work discussed how we might tell her about my leaving when she came back.

It's important to know that this is the newest member of the team. She only started a few months ago. I am the first person to quit in the entire company since she has started working there.

Scenario 1:
We thought it would be fun to have a team meeting this morning, where the boss would announce that the executive has demanded that she let one of us go. She would then say that she loves all of us and couldn't decide, so she will pass a hat around and whomever gets the piece of paper that says "FIRED" on it will be the person that has to leave. At this point the rest of us would say things along the lines of "I hate when she does this" or "Awwww, that's why Mary doesn't work here anymore."

Scenario 2:
The boss was to come in and ask me to do a small favour (perhaps ask me to send an email to one of the salesmen). The idea was that I would totally freak out. Tell her that wasn't in my job description and that if that's the way this company was going to treat me that they would have to find a way to work without me. I would then throw my stuff in a box and storm out.

We seriously giggled for hours thinking of all the ways we could mess with the new girl's mind. We're mean like that. As it turns out, we did neither of these things. Human Resources sent a notice out that I was leaving and took all our fun away.

Honestly though, if more days had been like that, I'm not sure that I'd be quitting...

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