Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May Awesomeness

Near the beginning of the year, I made a calendar. I say near the beginning because I had meant to have it done for Christmas but actually got it done near the end of January. Which was fine because a calendar doesn't have to start at the beginning of the year so the one I made started in February.

The calendar went with the theme of awesome. Last year was a pretty shitty year so we tried to come up with something every day to combat all the bad feelings. So now, every month, I get to see some of the ideas we thought were awesome.

Having skilligence (a word Twin B made up meaning a cross between intelligence and skill)

When someone says "who" and you correct them by saying "whom" (this wasn't even one that I came up with though I will admit that it is pretty awesome).

English Accents


The smell of popcorn

Fast food (not all of us agree on all the ideas though I do enjoy a Big Mac now and then)

When you get your car fixed and the dealership washes it too

If I had to add something from today, I'd have to say that booking a trip in the summer with my BFF is pretty awesome!


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